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DaVinci Synthetic Roofing Products

Natural Slate & Shake are a thing of the past

More and more people each day are turning to DaVinci Roofscapes as an alternative option to cedar shake & slate roofing. With the heavy weight and major costs involved with a natural slate roof, DaVinci Slate shingles can give your home an Identical look for less than half the cost of a natural slate roof, and way less than half the weight for your house to hold up! When compared with Red Cedar roofs DaVinci Shakes have been proven to last longer than the life span of 3 red cedar roofs!

  • ​​All DaVinci roof products come with a lifetime guarantee and are manufactured here in the USA. 


  • DaVinci roof products are all high impact resistant and class A fire rated. The shingles are also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. 


  • Davinci shingles are composed of a hard polymer resin that is compressed with the force of around 2000 tons and uniquely imprinted design to perfectly replicate natural stone and wood impressions.


  • Davinci Roof Shingles come backed with a 110mph wind warranty.

  • Davinci Roofscapes has over 50 colors to select from in which you have the option of mixing and matching any variations of lighter or shades that you want mixed into the blend of your roof.


  • Some DaVinci roofing products pass as a "Cool Roof" shingle, which reflects sunlight away and helps keep heat from penetrating into the building, saving you in energy costs.


We are the leading DaVinci Installer in MA

  • Our highly experienced team has the knowledge and skills required to install this beautiful and unique product on any pitched roof surface no matter the size or complexity of the job. 

  • We are also fully equiped to make our own custom coper flashing on site that are made specifically to fit the facets on your home. 

  • ​​ Some of our work can be seen on the DaVinci Roofscape website in the gallery, and Owner Patrick Clifford is featured in the product installation gallery. 

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