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Why is roof ventilation so important?


Ridge vents and soffit vents are the most crucial component when it comes to the longevity of your roof, and the air quality inside your home. Ventilation is a very serious matter that should be left to the professionals. We are the top ventilation experts of our field. There is no roof design too complex for us to find a ventilation solution.

Here's How it Works

Cool Intake Air
Cool Intake Air



-Reduce heat buildup in summer making living areas more comfortable while reducing air conditioning usage

-Help Eliminate trapped moisture that can cause mold, mildew, and wood rot.

-Keep roof deck uniformly cool in winter to help protect against ice dams.

-Extend the life of your roof shingles.

-Is a requirement for a valid roof warranty.

A Properly vented roof will:

Why Is Certainteed Ridge Vent #1?

HyTech Roofing Solutions exclusively uses Certainteed Filtered Ridge Vent

  • CertainTeed Filter Ridge Vent is the only ridge vent on the market with an external baffle.

  • This external baffle creates lift as air passes over your house, pulling out hot and humid air.

  • This Ridge vent is also required on all CertainTeed roofs in order for the shingle warranty to be considered valid.

Cooler outside air passing over the house causes the hot air inside to escape freely and efficiently.
Here is a close up image of the external baffle

Don't get fooled by other ridge vent brands

CertainTeed Filter Ridge has been scientifically tested and proven to out-perform all other brands of ridge vents on the market. Most other brands squeeze too tight once they are nailed down, completely restricting all airflow.  

CertainTeed Filter Ridge:


-Provides maximum airflow.

-Sustains minimum dust infiltration.

-Is completely resistant to tearing. 

-Is insect and rodent resistance.

-Is guaranteed for the life of your roof.

Other Ridge Vents:

-Allow minimal to no airflow.

-Are unfiltered allowing dust & sand to blow in.

-Can be torn apart by strong wind or animals.

-Rodents love to scratch and chew the roll type vents.

-Most brands come with no guarantee.

Don't have soffit vents?
No Problem!

HyTech Roofing Solutions is Cape Cods number one leading expert in proper roof ventilation. 

  • Hicks Ventilated Aluminum Drip Edge is the best solution for creating air intake on roof eaves that were constructed without soffit ventilation.

  • Not all vented drip edges function efficiently, the particular brand "HICKS" is the only one we use, and has proven to rank superior over all other brands.

The drip edge gets custom bent to the pitch of your roof, making the lower flange sit flat on your fascia trim
A 3/4" cut is made across the entire top of your fascia board to create a space fo air to pass by

-Checking for, and cutting in a proper opening is the most common step that many roofers neglect to do. Skipping this first step in the beginning will void your entire roof warranty, thus should be left for the true professionals at HyTech Roofing Solutions.

- Without properly installed intake vents, your ridge vent will be drawing air from the inside living space of your house, costing you a fortune in heating and cooling costs.

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