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Our Story

A brief History on how we became Cape Cods number one roofing company 

The history of how we first started out

        I got my first roofing job when I was 15 years old and still in high school. I worked part time, after school and on weekends and holidays. I loved my job from day one. I loved being outside, challenging myself to extreme conditions, facing my fears, and most of all being physically active.


       By the time I was 18 years old people would watch me work in amazement. I remember my first week at the second company I worked for, we ripped off the roof in the morning and the boss left me alone on the job site while he went to dump the garbage. Before he left he said, “start prepping the roof and covering it with paper”. Well I did that, and I carried up all of the shingles, and I began nailing the shingles. When he came back around noon time, I was nailing the very last shingle. I yelled down “job is done” and he laughed. When he saw that I wasn’t joking his jaw dropped, and I was given a raise with my very next paycheck.


       After years of working with dozens of different roofers, I came to realize that I have a very special skill that no one else has. It wasn’t just my skills in roofing that set me apart from the others, it was my determination and drive to be the best at what I do. While others said “that’s impossible”, I said “let me figure this out”. While other workers would ignore small pieces of garbage on the ground and say “no one is going to see that”, I would scan the ground like I was looking for a lost diamond in order to make sure that even a detective would be unsure if the roof was just replaced or not. I’ve worked on days when the temperature was below zero, shoveling snow off of the roofs so that I can work the next day. And I’ve worked on days when the temperature was around 100 degrees, and I needed to keep a garden hose running on the shingles just so they wouldn’t melt under my feet.


        By age 19 I had officially worked my way up from “ground laborer” to “business owner”. I was now traveling all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island, subcontracting for some of the major names that had been around for 40+ years. I realized after a short while that none of these roofing companies actually do any roofing themselves, and that I was doing it all for them. They all told me “don’t ever tell the customers that you’re a sub-contractor, tell them that you only work for me”. I knew that none of these contractors had ever worked as hard as I did to get where I am. Most of them were just office workers or second to third generation family business owners who were born into owning their business. They worked like it was just another 9-5 job, they didn’t put their heart and soul into it like me.


         I thought to myself, if only the customers knew about me. If only they knew that they could cut out the middle man, save thousands, and get the highest quality roof directly from the source. This is what HyTech Roofing Solutions really is. It is something pure, honest, and true. Built with blood, sweat, and tears from the ground up. When you Hire HyTech Roofing Solutions you’re not just hiring a company, You’re hiring a team of dedicated professionals, who truly put their heart and soul into their work, in order to give our customers what they truly deserve.

-Patrick Clifford

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