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Siding Services

We have the skills and expertise needed to give you the most beautiful cedar siding on any project large or small. Using red or white cedar shakes we specialize in laced corners, unique designs, and custom details. We only use the highest-grade cedar shakes on all of our siding projects along with non-corrosive stainless steel fasteners to ensure everlasting quality.


Cedar Siding

Hardi-Plank Siding

Hardi-Plank fiber cement board is a great maintenance free alternative to traditional wooden clap board siding. It comes in various styles, sizes, and pre-painted colors. It also comes in a traditional shingle impersonation style, board and batten style, or in 4'x10' textured sheet style. Call us today for samples of Hardi-Plank and more information about the products they have to offer. 


Cedar Impressions Siding

Cedar impression siding has become the most popular choice for home owners across New England in the past decade. There are virtually unlimited options of colors to choose from, and various different sizes, profiles, and textures. If you are tired of paying to have your siding re-painted every 8-10 years, then look no further for the answer to your problem!


Everlast Siding

Everlast siding is one of the greatest innovations in siding products to hit the market. 

The extremely durable and solid structure of this product gives it the identical look and feel of real solid wood. Colors are chemically bonded to the substrate of the material and are guaranteed to never fade. If you are searching for the highest quality maintenance free clap board alternative, Everlast siding is your number one choice.

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