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Are you Licensed, Insured, bonded?

  • Yes, yes, and yes. 

  • The following two licenses are needed in order to do roofing:

    • HIC License (Home Improvement Contractor license)

    • CSL License (Construction Supervisor License)

  • We are even OSHA certified and follow all legal safety regulations

Licensed roofer
OSHA certified.jpeg

Do I get a warranty after the job is complete? 

  • Yes, you will get a certified copy of your warranty mailed to you directly from CertainTeed.

  • -HyTech Roofing Solutions is a certified CertainTeed roof installer, which is a requirement in order to offer customers a valid warranty. All of our employees also undergo training and hold valid individual certificates in their name.

warranty .png
Certainteed Certificate.jpg

Do I need to protect my deck, lawn, and garden beds?

  • No, you don’t need to lift a finger! We will move any delicate or fragile items away from the house before our work begins and place it back exactly where it was after we finish. 

  • Our extra-large heavy duty mesh canvases will protect your entire property from falling debris and direct all of the garbage away from the house keeping it far away from your garden beds, shrubs, and flowers. 

Roofers protecting property.png

How will you clean up the debris?

  • We have our very own fleet of hydraulic dump trailers. These trailers are on 4 wheels and will not sink into your driveway or lawn like big heavy roll-off dumpsters. They are very easy to maneuver and are completely non-invasive.

Roofing Truck and Trailer

How do you pick up all of the nails?

  • We have the strongest magnets made by the hand of man. These magnets will pick up any nails or staples as they pass over leaving none behind in their track. We have hand magnets on the end of a long wand to get behind bushes and hard to reach areas. And large sweeper magnets on wheels to pass over your lawn and driveway.

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.34.09 PM.png

How many nails do you use per shingle?

  • -ALWAYS 6!

  • - Six nails per shingle is the requirement for a full 130mph wind warranty.

  • -The only thing more important than how many nails are used, is where they are placed.

The area on the shingle below highlighted in red is the “wide track line”. This is where most roofers place their nails. HyTech Roofing Solutions however, does not agree. We go a step beyond this.(see bottom image)

improperly nailed roof shingle
Properly nailed roof shinle

The area highlighted in blue on the shingle below is the “Hurricane nail line”. This is actually the only spot on the shingle where the thickness is doubled providing more support, and this is the ONLY line that HyTech Roofing Solutions’ employees are trained to nail into, no matter what conditions apply to the roof slope. 

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