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AZEK is a highly flexible PVC material that will never corrode or rot. We install our AZEK trim to the Highest standard using the 'Cortex' screw and plug invisible fastening system. This means that you get a beautiful smooth finished look across all of your new AZEK trim and you will never even be able to tell where the screws have been installed.



Trim Services

Primed Pine Trim

Bodyguard Trim is the #1 alternative to PVC trim. It is a highly durable pressure treated primed pine trim board that comes from an indigenous forest in New Zealand. Bodyguard trim is backed by a 30-year warranty against any defects or weathering. All end cuts get sealed with 'Bodyguard' primer seal using three coats.


Red Cedar Trim

For a more rustic and natural look we also specialize in red cedar trim. Red cedar trim gives your house one of the most beautiful appearances you can get. Installed with stainless steel screws, red cedar trim will give your house a desirable look that you will admire for years to come.

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