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We are a leading certified installer of VELUX skylight products. We install over 100 new Velux skylights per year for our customers. We specialize in skylight replacements, as well as brand new installations. We have the  knowledge and expert skills to frame in new skylight openings, adjust openings for different sizes, and perfectly finish off the interior of existing openings after a skylight is replaced. We are your one stop shop for all of your skylight replacement needs. 


If you are interested in having blinds installed on your skylights we do that too! There are many different colors and options to choose from. There are solar powered electric blinds (which also qualify for the 26% tax credit) and manual sliding blinds. These blinds come in pleated or flat styles, they can be "black out" or "light defusing" and the come in virtually any color you wish to choose.


We also assist you in getting the most for your money! Since Velux solar powered skylights are an approved energy efficiency upgrade to your home, they qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. This credit applies to not only the skylight, but the labor and installation costs as well. We break down the estimated savings for you, and provide you with the necessary paperwork required to get the money back that you deserve.

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