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Roof Coatings


We are New Englands leading
roof coating expert.

Why use roof coatings?

If you have any type of flat roof or a pitched metal roof that is not damaged beyond repair, then you could save tens of thousands or more on roof replacement costs by using a 100% silicon-based coating instead. 

Specializing and trained in the application of GACO silicon coatings, our roof coatings provide the same warranty of that of a brand-new roof for half the cost.

Our roof coatings are backed by a 50-year manufacturers guarantee.


GACO coatings also pass as a LEED green building product and helps conserve the energy inside your building envelope.

These coatings are 100% silicon, and will not break down under ultra violet rays or ponding water like alternative coating products.

Recent Projects:

Heritage Museum and Gardens. 

Sandwich, MA.

Completed: 5/30/19

Product: GACO S2000 

-A uniquely shaped two-level circular roof configuration with a very slight 1:12 roof pitch. The original roofing material is a white TPO membrane. After the existing membrane was thoroughly cleaned and primed, the entire roof area was coated with a brand new 50-year warrantied roof coating system. Yellow walk pads were installed in areas where service technicians will need to access the roof units over time. These walk pads provide extra protection from punctures, and provide and anti-slip surface for safety when walking. This roof will continue to protect the millions of dollars worth of antique cars housed inside for decades to come.

Before & After

Bell Tower Mall. 

Centerville, MA.

Completed: 8/15/19

Product: SPF (Sprayed Polyurethane Foam)

& GACO S2022- Gray

-After completing a timely and well-done asphalt shingle job on the steep sloped areas of this building, the owner decided to have us replace the entire remaining flat roof areas which make up approximately 40,000 square feet. The existing roof was a ballasted EPDM (rubber roof) membrane covered with large 3" river stones across the entire roof surface. The entire roof surface was hydro-vacuumed to remove the river stones, extensively cleaned off and scrubbed for weeks on end, and eventually spray-foamed and coated using GACO S2000. Yellow walk pad was used around all of the units to prevent damage form constant foot traffic, and create a safe non-slip walking surface. This project took around 6 weeks to complete during the hottest days of the summer

Before & After

Harwich House Condos. 

Harwich, MA.

Completed: 6/20/19

Product: GACO S2100- White

-The Harwich House is a large sized condominium complex in Harwich, MA. We replaced all slopes of roofing, many areas of siding, and coated the entire flat roof areas with GACO S2100. The existing roof was a fully adhered EPDM (rubber roof) membrane. The entire roof area was cleaned thoroughly and coated as the final phase of the project once the asphalt sections were complete. This coating will prolong the life of this roof for another 50 years.

Before & After

Cape Electric Supply

Eastham, MA.

Completed: 5/10/20

Product: GACO S4200- White

-This is a metal standing seam warehouse roof in Eastham, MA. The entire roof area was cleaned thoroughly and coated using GACO flex's newly enhanced S4200 silicon coating. This coating contains priming agents will help improve the products ability to chemically bond with the roof substrate without the use of additional primers. This coating will prolong the life of this roof for another 50 years, and provide a cooler working condition for those inside during the summer months.

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