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Roofing Services

Asphalt roofing is our most common area of expertise. With over 2300 asphalt roofs installed we have perfected the methods of installation. All of our roofs are hurricane nailed to a higher expectation than the standard requirements. That's why every HyTech roof comes with a lifetime guarantee.  


Asphalt Shingles

Cedar Shakes

Specializing in western red cedar, eastern white cedar, and Alaskan yellow. Our Highly skilled team of professionals take pride in the beauty of this product. A cedar roof is much more than just a roof, it is a work of art. Our cedar roofs include premium details such as custom copper work, woven hip and ridge caps, and advanced ventilation methods. 


Synthetic Shake & Slate

The best and most beautiful roofing product on the market today. This product replaces the use of traditional heavy slate roofs, and provides a fire-resistant alternative to tradition wooden shake roofs. We are proud to be to top certified installer of DaVinci Synthetic roofing products in Massachusetts. 


Flat Roofs

We specialize in all types of flat roof systems including EPDM, TPO, and PVC. We are also certified in roof coatings and restorations on all types of flat roof systems. We only use environmentally safe "Low-VOC" glues and adhesives on all of our rubber roofing projects to prevent health hazards inside your home, office, or business.  


Roof Coatings

We are proud to be the first roofing company on Cape Cod to achieve certification in GACO-Flex silicone roof coating applications. Since 2017 we have been saving large commercial building owners hundreds of thousands of dollars by restoring their old roofs for half the cost of a full roof replacement. 

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