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Roof Maintenance Service

Over time every roof needs maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Periodic inspections are essential for preventing leaks before they happen. Once your roof starts to leak, your options for maintaining it begin to fade away. If neglected for too long then recovery may no longer be an option, and you will be forced to replace it.


Maintaining Your Roof

Roof Coating

Our roof coatings are 100% silicon, and cannot be broken down by UV rays or ponding water. Coatings can be used over existing flat roofs or pitched metal roof. Our silicon coating is warrantied for 50 years and is backed by a 15-year labor guarantee. Well maintained roofs are eligible for this service, saving you 50% of the cost of a roof replacement 


Drone Inspections

For those high up and hard to service roofs, we have our very own drone that can reach any roof top to take high resolution photos and perform 4K video inspections. 

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