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Why Choose
HyTech Roofing?

We are a dedicated team of true & honest
professional roofers.

 Here are a few more reasons why HyTech Roofing Solutions is your number one choice.

  • A Lifetime of hard work and dedication is what built this company from the ground up. We have earned our status in the community, and will not be challenged lightly. We have overcome all odds to be where we are, and we are here to stay!

  • We are local, HyTech Roofing Solutions was established in Dennis, MA. in 2009. We have nearly doubled in size each year since we first started out, and have projected our growth to soon go nationwide! 


  • We offer the best warranty you can get! All of our new roofs come with a certified manufacturer's warranty and are guaranteed for life, and our personal service and labor guarantee is an unrivaled 20 years!

  • A highly educated staff and crew. We send all of our workers through extensive training and a great deal of discipline. All workers must keep up with current certifications for the products we install. Our policy is: “nothing less than perfect is acceptable”


  • Our work speaks for itself with over 2600 Satisfied customers! We have over 300 five-star customer reviews across multiple online platforms. We are one of the longest standing and top rated accounts on HomeAdvisor, and can honestly say that we have never left a customer unsatisfied.


  • NO Smoking! HyTech Roofing Solutions crew are not permitted to smoke on any customers property. It is within their job description that they will be disciplined for smoking on the premise of the job site. 

Our secret to success:

 We are the only company of our size owned and operated by real roofers, who aren’t afraid to work hard and get their hands dirty.

It’s that simple!

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